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Interesting Ideas & Resources

This is our marketing ideas blog where we share interesting ideas and resources for older adults.

Our blog is focused on interesting senior-oriented events, workshops, senior resources and marketing ideas that we see happening across the U.S.

  • Note that an event does not have to be specifically focused on senior issues, to be of interest to seniors.
  • Also, a senior-oriented event may be of interest to someone younger than a senior because they are taking care of an elder.


Why Seniors Resource Guide?

Because it is all about you! Here is some information about SeniorsResourceGuide.com … Seniors Resource Guide.com has 28 local regional Internet directories and a national directory. Each directory has its own database relevant to the needs of older adults. There are...

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Our website has a new look

Senior Business Connection has a new look. Senior Business Connection has a new look and new focus. This website is supported and maintained by SeniorsResourceGuide.com. The goal of Senior Business Connection is to share with our advertisers and potential advertisers...

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Our network provides online marketing services for organizations that serve seniors.