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Interesting Ideas & Resources

This is our marketing ideas blog where we share interesting ideas and resources for older adults.

Our blog is focused on interesting senior-oriented events, workshops, senior resources and marketing ideas that we see happening across the U.S.

  • Note that an event does not have to be specifically focused on senior issues, to be of interest to seniors.
  • Also, a senior-oriented event may be of interest to someone younger than a senior because they are taking care of an elder.


Technology & The Aging Population – where are we headed?

Seniors' love technology but there are barriers and there are incredible advances. The infographic report below from the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology gathers facts and statistics of where we are. "There are around 48 million individuals age 65 years and...

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Community Conversations with Caring for Colorado Foundation

Today, as communities across Colorado change and grow, so too must the work of Caring for Colorado. We are looking toward the future and asking ourselves what we can do to improve health for people in our state. We invite your input on these questions as we chart...

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What is the Reframing Aging Project?

We are hearing a lot of new phrases in regard to aging today. One of them is "Reframing Aging". So what is reframing aging? In part it is a push back to ageism. Visit the FrameWorks Institute website to learn more about "reframing" and "reframing aging". Here is a...

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Defining Dementia in Colorado & the World

We have had the pleasure to meet Kelley Horton, of Dementia Connections Coalition. We actually became acquainted through Colorado Senior Lobby. Starting in late 2017 and continuing into the 2018 Colorado Legislative Session we watched and listened as Kelley talked...

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Advance Directives Portfolio

One cannot work in the senior industry and not have a discussion on advance directives. Along that subject, we have recently met Fran Myers and The Center for Advance Care Planning. We came away very impressed with her knowledge and approach to advance directives....

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What a needed service

I want to introduce you to Sali and Have Salon Will Travel.  Sali provides much needed services to those who are older and home-bound due to age, or those facing an illness or accident who are having a difficult getting out and about to get a hair cut, manicure or...

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Google’s GDPR Summary

Many of you who have installed Google Analytics on your websites may have gotten an email from Google with the Subject: Subject: [Action Required] Important updates on Google Analytics Data Retention and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) This subject line...

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Looking for Stock Photos?

Are you looking for stock photos? We have found two sources that we use and share with our clients. Check out: Dreamstine - https://www.dreamstime.com/ Pixabay - https://pixabay.com/ Remember to keep track of your user name and password for the stock photo accounts...

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A Resource for Medicaid Spend Down

A Resource for Professionals Serving Seniors - Medicaid for Colorado - "To qualify for Medicaid, one must be evaluated and approved on three levels, physical/mental, income, and resources/assets. The most misunderstood term for asset eligibility is the word...

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