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One cannot work in the senior industry and not have a discussion on advance directives. Along that subject, we have recently met Fran Myers and The Center for Advance Care Planning. We came away very impressed with her knowledge and approach to advance directives.

Visit her website and explore – CenterForAdvanceCarePlanning.org

In particular check out the DIY Advance Directives – yes, that is DIY – “Do it Yourself” Advance Directives Portfolio.” This organization has really put some thought and convenience into a package covering advance directives. The portfolios are even priced well.

Here is a link to the Advance Directives Portfolio web page – CLICK HERE

By the way, I have heard Fran Myers speak at various events. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker, who addresses a topic of importance to everyone (not only those who serve older adults), then talk to Fran Myers. Find more information on the website.