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I want to introduce you to Sali and Have Salon Will Travel. 

Sali provides much needed services to those who are older and home-bound due to age, or those facing an illness or accident who are having a difficult getting out and about to get a hair cut, manicure or pedicare. Sali and Have Salon Will Travel provide mobile on-site salon services.

The procedures and mobile salon equipment that Sali has assembled for her business model is extremely creative. Most of all her entire business model and approach to serving seniors and those with special needs, shows how caring she is.

If you have a client in the greater Denver who is home-bound give Sali a call and make an introduction.

Here is Sali’s Website – HaveSalonWillTravel.com

And to learn a little more about Sali – read her blog post, “The Real Reason.”

“What it would be like to live alone, have a broken arm, the inability to speak well, raise your arm or no mobility on one side of your body. And your only friend just passed away. Every story is unique and countless people are in situations much like this …” – READ MORE