Spring 2015

We hope you are having a good start to 2015. We are glad to see Spring arriving and summer not far behind. We hope the weather is perfect for your area!

We are watching web traffic and content development and Wow! the usage of Internet resources for locating senior service providers is growing. Our website shows a 30+% growth in page views when comparing 2013 to 2014 and our average length of visit is up over 11 minutes for 2014. We had over 30% growth the year before too. Viewers seem to be checking out our content and liking it. If you are not on our website, you won’t be found through our network. Consider having a program with us.

We have added the Spring Marketing Snippets below. This issue we are focusing on events and eNewsletters. Both of these channels can be used to further your brand and gain new clients but pay attention to the details involved with each marketing strategy.

Happy Networking!
Regards, Karin Hall and the SRG Team
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Marketing Snippets

Newsletters “Yes,” but do you produce an eNewsletter vs “Print Newsletter” or Both?
There is no way around it that “eNewsletters” are the way to go compared to “Print Newsletters” when looking at extending your market reach. You can do both, but be sure you are producing an “eNewsletter version” and that you are archiving it online once it goes out.

With “eNewsletters,” think of the reach that your eNewsletter can have in reaching people online that have never heard of you. Be sure to post it online on your website. Here is what we are doing:

  • We cannot say enough – archive your eNewsletters on your website.
    If an eNewsletter is worth doing – it is worth archiving for at least 30 days if not longer. We archive our eNewsletters on the home page – look at the right hand column on our home page:
  • We also archive our eNewsletters on our News & Events pages – here are examples in four markets:

    National Senior News & Events – Click Here
    Denver Senior News & Events – Click Here
    Boulder-Northern Colorado Senior News & Events – Click Here
    Colorado Springs Senior News & Events – Click Here
  • And then the final step is that we make a social post where we share the eNewsletter online, hopefully to people that have never even heard of us!

    Here is an example of one of our G+ posts about A recent eNewsletter:
    The Prepared Senior eNewsletter Google Blogspot Post– Click Here
  • And check out our “New” eNews Review Supplement
    The eNews Review is a pdf supplement added to the eNewsletter as a link. With the pdf supplement we can add more details about senior resources, clients and events without making the eNewsletter too much longer – check this format out:

    Here are links to the eNewsletters and their eNews Review Supplements:
    National Senior News & Events
    Click Here
    National eNews Review Supplement – Click Here

    Colorado Front Range Senior News & EventsClick Here
    Denver Front Range eNews Review Supplement – Click Here
    Boulder-Northern Colorado eNews Review Supplement – Click Here
    Colorado Springs eNews Review Supplement – Click Here
  • One last thing – we are looking for clients that are archiving their eNewsletters and if the newsletter has great senior resources, we would like to highlight it in one of our eNewsletters. Remember that eNewsletters are all about expanding your brand!

Next Issue we will talk about Google Calendars and eNewsletters
Check out our Google Calendars – Click Here
Are you sending in your events?
Advertisers get links and event flyers posted!

Marketing Resource – Have an Online Listing with Seniors Resource Guide

We are now offering programs that are billed as monthly credit card subscriptions. Here are some details …

  • Prices start at $24.91 a month for 2 listings in any database.
  • Or if you are a professional serving seniors, consider a program that includes your photo and a Senior Advisor Listing and we can link to your YouTube channel from these listings – CLICK HERE
  • And for those wanting more exposure (and those burned out on overpriced PPC campaigns) try our Business Profile Program that puts your logo or property photo on the LOCAL home page with link to an overview essay – Check out Denver and review Business Profile links on the Denver home page – CLICK HERE
  • And remember that part of what we do is promote ‘your’ brand, ‘your’ events and ‘your’ news with our monthly eNewsletters and social postings. Visit our National News & Events and eNewlsetters:
    National News & Events – CLICK HERE
    View our Prepared Senior eNewsletter Archive – CLICK HERE
    View our Colorado Front Range eNewsletter Archive – CLICK HERE

View our New Online Services Flyer – CLICK HERE

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