Summer 2015

This issue is about Newsletters, in particular eNewsletters and event calendars. The marketing snippets below review some of the resources we like including Google Calendars and why you should produce an “eNewsletter,” archive the eNewsletter and pay attention to events around the U.S. Please review the marketing snippets below.

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Marketing Snippets

Newsletters “Yes,” but do you produce an eNewsletter vs “Print Newsletter” or Both? This statement is a repeat from the last issue but it is worth repeating! You need to be creating an e-version and posting it online.

Next question is, “How rich in resources and content is your eNewsletter?”
Yes, you want to include what you are doing but also highlight items and events relevant to your industry niche and the consumers you want to reach. These types of resources show your commitment to the industry and the community. It can be your support for a “non-profits walk,” to promoting a movie or live streaming event at another location. Here are some examples that might be a match for your group or give you some ideas:

  • July 13, 2015 – Monday
    White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) & the Live Streaming Event

    The White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) only happens once every TEN years and it sets Federal aging policy for the next decade. People of all ages are welcome to join the live viewing of the WHCOA. This event will have live streaming online through the White House Live Streaming Service. You can watch from your location or organize your own live streaming event
    Learn More – Click Here
  • And here is a group in Denver that is hosting a “Live Streaming Event” of the White House Conference on Aging

    July 13, 2015 - Mondayuly 13, 2015 – Monday
    White House Conference on Aging - Live Viewing Session in Denver
    Location: AARP Offices
    Address: 303 E. 17th Ave, Suite 510, Denver, Colorado

    The White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) only happens once every TEN years and it sets Federal aging policy for the next decade. People of all ages are welcome to join the live viewing of the WHCOA and a group discussion at the Denver AARP offices from 8:30AM to Noon on 7-13-15. Continental breakfast and free parking is provided by AARP Colorado. The event is co-sponsored by AARP and SAGE of the Rockies. Register online for the Live Streaming Event to be held at the AARP offices.
    Register for the Denver Event – Click Here
  • And another idea … This is for you to host a screening of the Cyber-Seniors Documentary and invite members from the community. This could be tied into a monthly outreach offering classes on using tablets and smart phones.

    Cyber-Seniors: Connecting Generations
    The "Cyber-Seniors: Connecting Generations" campaign will be kicking-off a 30-day drive to raise awareness about the digital divide, highlight the benefits of connecting young people to older adults through technology training, and promote the many resources we have available for individuals and organizations to get involved. Throughout the month of September, we will be supporting screening events of "Cyber-Seniors" documentary, along with tech labs for older adults. We hope you will join us and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for you to play a lead role in connecting with community partners to make a positive impact in the lives of young and old. If you have any questions please email us at or call 1-844-217-3057.
  • Google Calendars
    Check out how we are using the Google calendars with our National Calendar
    Click Here
    - And here is a link to all of our calendars – Click Here
    Please people do not have empty calendars. If you don’t have enough events to fill a calendar for the public, then when you do have a community event, just feature it on a web page about “News & Events” from your company.
  • And lastly (and we have said this before) be sure to archive your eNewsletter on your website.
    Visit and note how we archive our website after it is sent out to those who signed up.

Marketing Resource – Have an Online Listing with Seniors Resource Guide

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  • And remember that part of what we do is promote ‘your’ brand, ‘your’ events and ‘your’ news with our monthly eNewsletters and social postings. Visit our National News & Events and eNewlsetters:
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