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National: Senior Associations

American Association of Retired People - AARP
AARP is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization for people 50 and older. Their website provides a variety of information and resources for seniors on health and a wide variety of other topics.
Sage-ingŪ Guild
The Sage-ing Guild invites people of age to expand inner growth, develop spirituality, and offer service to community to deepen self-awareness, enhance interpersonal relationships, hone communication skills, and cultivate the value of Elders as mentors and wise counsel in communities. We provide programs for those interested in teaching the principles of sage-ing to people in their own communities. The network of trainers offers events in the United States, in Canada and in Australia. As a Sage-ing Guild member, you will enjoy newsletters, a community, discounts, and valuable resources to support you on your sage-ing journey.