People Still Like to Feel Recognized

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"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". - Maya Angelou

We live in a world of emails, computers, the Internet, Twitter, facebook - I could go on and on. I have been working with people for 30 years, helping them promote their businesses with specialty items, or what I like to focus on as "unique marketing items.” Despite all of the technological advances people still like to feel recognized, appreciated and valued. This is a basic human need.

Recognize, Appreciate and Value your Customers

When you give your clients or perspective clients a unique gift they are very likely to show other people what they have received from you, which further advertises your business. Your company name, logo, website, phone number and other information are printed on each item, for long lasting advertising. Depending on your business we can think of an appropriate slogan to match the item you are giving as a gift.

Specialty Items for Special Events

When you have a special event, such as a grand opening, a holiday party, a volunteer appreciation party, or a trade show, it is a good idea to order a few weeks in advance, so we have time to get the proper artwork from you, get a proof and use regular shipping. Most of the factories require vector art. If you are unable to provide art in this format we can create artwork for a small charge. I prefer to get a proof for your first order, so you can see what your imprint will look like in advance.

Tips about Specialty Items

To plan ahead for those unexpected occasions it is a good idea to have marketing items on hand. We can even plan items for the entire year. You can order in advance and indicate when you would like your items to arrive. If your company has various branches you can order a larger quantity, which lowers the price, plus we can change the imprint on the items for each location. We can also "drop ship" directly, to save you the time and expense of sending the items yourself.

Special Themes by Month

Why not have a special theme for a specific month? Think outside the box and be different from your competitors. Consider special themes such as:

  • "Umbrella Day" in March is an opportunity to distribute umbrellas with your imprint, which is like having a walking billboard. If you see someone caught in the rain without an umbrella give them one of yours, with your logo and company information imprinted on the top.
  • March 2nd is Elmer Fudd's Birthday. You might not know him personally, but we do have birthday, anniversary and other cards for those people you do know!
  • The 10th of March is Act Happy Day. It will come naturally when your clients receive a thank you gift from you, such as a combination sticky book and spiral pad, with a smiley cutout face on the cover.
  • March 22nd is World Day for Water. Why not donate water bottles with your company logo to a sports team this summer. You will help the players stay hydrated, have high visibility for your company and create good will in the neighborhood.
  • April 22nd is Earth Day. This is a great time to give out gardening tools, gloves, seeds, etc. This is a good idea for independent and assisted living residents, so they have the pleasure of nurturing their own garden.
  • In May celebrate Nurse's Week with a ‘thank you’ to case managers and nurses at nursing care facilities. How about a flashlight keyring, for those nights they have to find their cars in a dark parking area.
  • Older American's Month is also in May. Flexi-Vases are made from soft, flexible shatterproof PVC. It forms a vase shape when filled with water and folds flat for easy storage or as direct mail inserts.
  • For June we have small flags that can be distributed on Flag Day.
  • October is National Book Month a magnetic bookmark and magnifier is a popular item for seniors or someone with difficulty reading the small print.
  • Visit my website to find more Official and Un-Official Holidays that you can use to promote your services – Calendar of Ideas

The possibilities to promote your business are endless!

You can flip through our "Idea" catalog for more information on various items. Just visit my website at You can also access our 'Navigator Catalog", with seasonal Specials.

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"I sit at my computer and have a pen, mousepad, notepad, coffee mug and more surrounding my work area. I stare at the screen and do my work touching and using all of these items every day. Wouldn't you like your name on my coffee mug, pen, mousepad while I am working at my desk day after day?" - Marsha Harris

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