30 Second Commercials are more important than we realize

Article submitted by SeniorsResourceGuide.com Staff
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Most Professionals serving seniors attend some type of senior professional meeting and have to give a 30 second commercial. Don’t take the “30 Second Commercial” lightly as it can further your brand. Here are some tips:

  1. Sit down and write out one or two versions of your 30 second commercial. Put some time into being creative and distinctive about your company name and services.
  2. In writing your 30 second commercial it is a good idea to end the commercial with your name, your company name and domain name. Company names and even individual sales representative names can sound similar or be hard to remember but a domain name is usually somewhat unique and can be remembered in a 30 second commercial if it is the last thing said. With a domain name other people can find you.
  3. Memorize your 30-second commercial and practice it so it is not longer than 30 seconds and your delivery is perfect.
  4. When giving your commercial speak up, project your voice and make eye contact with those in the room.
  5. You might also consider arriving at the networking meeting early and pick a place to sit that gives you the best opportunity to be seen when giving your commercial.
  6. If you are nervous at speaking to large groups giving short 30 second commercials is a great way to get used to public speaking.

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